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Smiling again!!

I am feeling so much better the last few days its unreal! I have actually managed to smile for the first time in god know's how long! I have decided that i am going to concentrate on my havin fun and living life than worrying about when it will happen for me. I have booked a weekend away for me and my lovely boyfriend and i am just going to enjoy myself as much as i can and put aside my thoughts and anxiousness for a baby. I have realised there is no point in crying and thinking about it all the time or its never going to happen for me. Anything gots to be worth a try ay! As hard as it is for me to put these thoughts to the back of my mind i realise that my time will come when its good and ready. I am still going to be actively trying but not constantly worrying and stressing. I would like to thank you all as some of you have really helped me and i want those people to know that their help is truly appreciated..
Take Care xxx

Posted 1 decade 5 years ago


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