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I hate morning sickness

Well what i day.
I got up this morning feeling ok apart from pulling a musle in my shoulder and neck, felt abit sick in the car to work but i think the journey is affecting the morning sickness.
I get to work and end up throuwing up. Im not a person who is sick i only ever feel it. Was going to stay in work as we really need the moeny but when it got to 3 i told my boss i was going home as i felt like s***.
So i walk up to get the bus, only to get a bus that wanted to constantly go OVER the speed limit then when he needed to break he put his foot down so hard i nearly fly down the whole of the bus.
I then get home and watch a littel telly then decide i will go lay down for an hour then wake up 3 hours later to my OH coming home on his lunch to see if im ok lol.
Ive now got to go cook tea as i really fancey Curry and am counting down to bed time, dont help that ive started to feel sick again and if i dont get to eat my curry and keep it down i am going to scream Angry Ill Sleep
Lets hope tomorows better then today lol

Posted 1 decade 5 years ago


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Why does morning sickness have to be so bad?
I feel like crap

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