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23 weeks and 2 days

Have had a very busy morning today, which is the way i like it! Charlie was up loads last night and ended up sleeping in our bed, i think he was cold so vest and baby grow for bed tonight! We went to the library and got some books out and charlie joined which was exciting! Then we did a little shopping at marks and spencers and got a new bath matt and some sweetys! Im hoping that sucking on a sweet will mean im not snacking so much! then at 10 Lucie came over and Charlie really enjoyed seeing her which is great cause i know it means alot to her.

We went for our nap about 12:15 and Charlies still asleep (its now 1:55) Bedtime routine went really well last night and he went straight to sleep at 7:30, tho he did need settling again after but thats ok. I only had to settle him once which is really good and the first time.

Matts invited Aaron and Kate round later which is poo. I know i sound like an old trout when i say that but im so tired and weve already had visiters today. I was really looking forward to a nice chilled afternoon with matt home early and a nice meal for us. Im not swaying at all on Charlie bedtime routine so im sending them out to the pub at 7 then matts to be home for tea at 8:15-8:30ish. Ive working so hard on this routine and its making my life so much better its really important i keep at it.

Tomorrow Jason and Rachel are coming round, i cant remember if matts got the day off or not? il go check.......... yes he dos! cool, i forgot that! Anyway, more bloody visiters! Then my ill mum is coming round mon, if shes over her bug, which i could really do without. No rest for the wicked hey?!

Am feeling really good today, very calm and zen Flower

Posted 1 decade 6 years ago


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