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23 weeks and 1 day

Im not so good today. Had a big argument with matt just before he went to work this morning, he ended storming out without saying goodbye. I did txt him straight away and say sorry tho.

Its so hard tho. Hes just like his mum who dosnt believe me when i tell her about my medical condition. He will not make any alowances for it -at all! He just will not tolerate any leeway for me cause he thinks im lying. Its really hard. I told my councilour that he didnt really believe me and she thought it was really serious cause i need his suport so much. Nevermind, have to keep my lips buttoned all the time cause if i mention it he take the piss, or shouts at me or will just dig and dig at me.

Anyway, Charlies bedtime was good last hight, not as good as the night before tho. Im moving his bedtime routine to 7:15 instead of 6:50 because hes not tired enouff at 7ish to fall asleep anyway! If he has his bath at 7:15, then pj's then story by then it will be 7:30 and he can have his bedtime milk. Hopefully he will go to sleep quicker that way, il let you know!

Matts going out with his mum for lunch ntext tues so im abit worried about it. I dont think hes very happy with me. I feel bad cause Charlies so attatched to me and I get the impression that he thinks im doing it all wrong with him sometimes. Hes such a lovely little baby and im so happy looking after him it almost makes me feel guilty!

Charlies new high chairs great, hes just getting used to it at the mo. Sweet potatoe and brocali for lunch today! He dosnt seem to enjoy his food as much as he used to -not the savory veggys anyway!

Will be back to update progress on Charlies sleep routine soon. Hopefully all will be good again with Matt when he comes home later, we will have to wait and see Confused

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