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23 weeks and 2 days

Have had a very busy morning today, which is the way i like it! Charlie was up loads last night and ended up sleeping in our bed, i think he was cold so vest and baby grow for bed tonight! We went to the library and got some books out and charlie joined which was exciting! Then we did a little shopping at marks and spencers and got a new bath matt and some sweetys! Im hoping that sucking on a sweet will mean im not snacking so much! then at 10 Lucie came over and Charlie really enjoyed seeing…

1 comments Posted by heymonkey 1 decade 6 years ago

23 weeks and 1 day

Im not so good today. Had a big argument with matt just before he went to work this morning, he ended storming out without saying goodbye. I did txt him straight away and say sorry tho.

Its so hard tho. Hes just like his mum who dosnt believe me when i tell her about my medical condition. He will not make any alowances for it -at all! He just will not tolerate any leeway for me cause he thinks im lying. Its really hard. I told my councilour that he didnt really believe me and she thought it was…

0 comments Posted by heymonkey 1 decade 6 years ago

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