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What to look out for when buying baby a present

It is this special time of year when we are all looking for the “perfect” present for the baby.

Nowadays, there are thousands of gifts available to buy for our precious little ones. It is like searching for a needle in a haystack, so how can we possibly make it easier for ourselves?

Safety First

The first thing to consider is of course health and safety. The manufacturers and the retailers have to comply with strict regulations, which should ensure the safety of a toy. Yet, there may be parents who are conscious about their offspring's health especially when baby takes everything into his mouth. What was the toy treated with? Are there any residues? Again, toy manufacturers have to comply with the EU regulations, the manufacturers say that all toys are safe to play with.

Go Organic

If you are worried about the safety of the toys your children play with, you should consider only buying wooden toys. The manufacturing process is more natural and the substances used are less toxic. In addition, wooden toys tend to last longer than their plastic counterparts!

Did you know that toys are not the only way a parent can go organic? We know that the clothes we buy in shops in the UK are safe to buy but what do we know about their production and the chemicals used?

Babies suck their clothes, bedding, toys etc, about 60% of what is put on their skin will be absorbed. Therefore, if textiles contain chemicals, through their skin, sucking, higher breathing rate and high metabolism babies may well they take in many chemicals to their small bodies.

Organic is not an eco-modern term anymore, it is exactly what we are and what we want our kids to be. So what shall we look out for when buying a baby present? First of all, what is best for the baby; and secondly, what we like. It does not matter if it is cute or educational; the best present is the one that makes everybody happy.

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