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Active Baby Bonding 6-9 Months

By 6 - 9 months your baby should be aware of what's happening around him and actively trying to engage in his environment. He will be starting to crawl and explore things around them, usually by putting them in their mouths.

There are a number of bonding games you can incorporate in to your routine at this time to help your baby develop their sense of adventure.

- Take a large container and a few blocks, balls or a range of objects. Encourage baby to put them in the container, then tip it out, then put them in again. If interest in the container and the items is lost, put them away so the game doesn't become stale. Next time you play, it will be a whole new experience.

- Set out some big boxes, chairs or other large items into a slalom course so your baby has to crawl his way through them. Your baby will learn co-ordination and how to adapt to new circumstances. If your baby is unsure what to do, you should demonstrate the slalom course to her.

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