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Decided to go with emetophobia, as that what rules this house!!

Ok.. so here goes, Emetophobia is a fear of vomiting. There are different degrees of it, but there no found "cure" either. I have a problem with both myself and being around other who are ill. Because of this i dont go out much at night, dont eat out much, dont eat anything i feel to be risky and i certainly do not drink.

I found i was emetophobic when i was 14, everybody in my house was ill, but me. So i have been waiting ever since to catch something and i have not. I even managed pregnancy with no morning sickness... I am now 29.

As my daughter is old enough to mix like nurserys etc i am now facing the realisation that she will catch somthing soon... she was sick for the first time (just once) three nights ago. I coped better than i thought i would, but i was crying as much as her.
I live far away from all my family and friends, hubby was at work. I HAD to deal with it, I made sure she was ok ten i went to peaces when she didnt need me anymore.

Posted 1 decade 6 years ago


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