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22/8/07 - major proud mummy moment

im soooo proud of my little boy

he hates bathtime, so much so he screams if he goes into the bathroom. its become a nightmare and ive ended up stip-washing him on numerous occasions. we think it stems from when he was bitten by a dog on his hand and the wetness of the water remindas him of the blood

last night i was in the bath and he came upstairs with james, came into the bathroom and started splashing with the water. i let him do this for awhile then asked if he wanted to get in…

2 comments Posted by staceyb 1 decade 4 years ago

18/8/07 - finally finished my latch hook

yay!!!!! :clap: :clap:

i bought it last year and did two thirds of it, then i found the internet lolol. put it down and that was it. found it last week and finished it last night. im going to finish off the edges then hang it in catherine and bens room

not much else to say. nothings happened really

1 comments Posted by staceyb 1 decade 4 years ago


hello :wave:

today seems a bit calmer lol. ive been trigger happy with my camera and these are pics of catherine and ben i took today. jamis at her friends so cant get one lol

and my baby Horatio being a monkey in the garden

1 comments Posted by staceyb 1 decade 4 years ago

14/8/07 - crappy day

what a crappy day. im so glad kids are in bed

they've been so testing today, all three of them and grumpy too.

i had a really bad headache last night, and still had it this morning. its like kids know so play up even more

james is getting fed up with being home so hes going back to work tomorrow. im just worried he's going to overdo it.went to have his stitches out yesterday and they said that he has to wait 10 days before they can take them out. they made the…

1 comments Posted by staceyb 1 decade 4 years ago


hello all.

well im sat here on my own. jami's at a friends, catherine and ben are watching looney tunes and james is having a sleep. all the pills hes taking are wiping him out.

im shattered today, could do with a nap myself lolol

im really feeling for james as hes restricted in what he can do. his whole hand is bandaged and i know its frustrating for him. he wont show it though. when hes home hes so good and helps out with the housework and the kids, and hes restricted there too. im…

0 comments Posted by staceyb 1 decade 4 years ago
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