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31/8/07 - james has his finger back

just letting you know james had the wire taken out of his finger yesterday. he said it didnt hurt at all. dr told him to turn away and pulled it out really quickly with a pair of pliers lololol

the bones have aligned nicely, no tendon damage and he shouldnt need physio as long as he keeps trying to bend it, which he says is so hard at the minute as its really stiff. bless him

thats it really nothing else to report. only 4 days till school starts and im so looking forward to it

Posted 1 decade 6 years ago


hapydazy hapydazy
posted 1 decade 6 years ago
Oh I'm so glad to hear that it went ok with his finger! it'll probably take a while to feel normal again... Marc cut three of his fingers off several years ago and he still can't do certain things with them (they were put back on Shocked )

I love the pics of the kids below too, looks like a lot of fun! And go Ben, now ya know how fun baths are huh kiddo!

staceyb staceyb
posted 1 decade 6 years ago
oooooooooooh hun. that must have been blooming painful Shocked Shocked

thanks for yr lovely comments Kiss

jo-jo jo-jo
posted 1 decade 6 years ago
:wave: Hi Stacey im glad everything went well with your oh finger and it wasnt to painful for him.I just want to also say thankyou for helping me out the other day with my pics/blog without your and Hapydazy's help i would still be cursing photobucket lol. :hug:

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