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i cannot believe its been 7 months since i last posted so just wanted to say hellooooooooo

i will try to post more

nothing majorly excited has happened. im sooooooooooo tired though. could really jump into bed and its only 3.30pm hehehe

anyways just wante to say hi now ill say byeeeeeeeeee xxxxxxxxxxx

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its been awhile since i posted on here. Bens been unwell last couple of weeks, first with a chest infection and now a viral infection. poor thing

jami has gone to a Halloween party this evening. she has gone as a ghost bride. i think she looks fab

1 comments Posted by staceyb 1 decade 6 years ago

1/10/07 - Bens first day at playgroup

firstly omg i cant believe its october already

took ben to playgroup this morning. as you know ive been soooo worried bout how he will be. well i had every intention of staying as he likes to know were around. he found an alphabet toy so that was it lolol

after half hour i left. and he was fine im so proud of him :thumb: and at the same time a little sad as hes growing up and wont need me as much.

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its been done. i have enrolled Ben at playgroup and he starts Monday morning.

how do i feel? scared and really worried. as you know, Ben has a developmental delay which basically means he's behind in his development. it gets very frustrating for him and us when we cant understand what he wants. hes 3yrs and 4 months old and so knows whats going on around him but cant get it across if you see what i mean.

since he was first seen by the MPAT team last september hes come along so far. we are…

1 comments Posted by staceyb 1 decade 6 years ago

19/9/07 - Bens MPAT Assessment

yesterday Ben had his yearly assessment with the MPAT team (Multi Professional Assessment Team) they are really pleased with his progress that theyve discharged him :clap: im so pleased. he will still have Portage and speech therapy, but it means not having to travel to Scarborough and these ppl to sit in a circle talking about him lolol

also hes been referred to a dietician - finally - about his eating. wondering when they'd stop telling me to persevere and start helping lol

have to think about putting him into a playgroup too. i was ok…

2 comments Posted by staceyb 1 decade 6 years ago
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