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yummymummy21's blog

Holly is fine

hi i just like to say after are scear last week holly is back to her chipper shelf the test results have came back and hey dosnt seem to be anythin worng thank god for that. they say she problley jut run around to much so her sugger levels fell what mad her fant i been told to keep an eye but so far so gd

3 comments Posted by yummymummy21 1 decade 1 year ago

OMG i just had i most horribe day

hi I've just a truly horrible day I took holly to school as usual. then me and her little sister were watching TV and I got a phone call from holly school saying she fainted and to come down the school quick so i grabbed Abbie and drove to Holly's school. when I got they she was so white so I took her the walk in centre at the local hospital the I spent hrs waiting there for test and stuff just got home she fine but they a bit worried about her sugar levels I have to tack…

5 comments Posted by yummymummy21 1 decade 1 year ago

my 1st blog

hi im hannah and iv been on her like a mounth ago and i chosen to cum back i just like to say HI JADE yaaa u signed up .

a little about me i have two little girls age 3 and 6. im also preg with my 3rd child its dad went away but he now cum back and wants to be part of are lives agin.

dont know what els to say but way hay

1 comments Posted by yummymummy21 1 decade 1 year ago

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