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Baby names starting with W - Page 6

Name Meaning Gender
WutiWoman (Hopi)
WuyiSoaring turkey vulture (Miwok)
WyattSon of the forest guide
WycIyfFrom the white cliff
WycliffWhite Rocks
WyIfridFriend of peace
WyIltunFrom the farm by the spring
WylieEnchanting, Well-watered meadow.
WyligbyFrom the willow farm
WylingfordFrom the willow ford
WymerFamous in battle
WynchellDrawer of water
WyndaFrom the narrow passage
WyndamThe Field With the Winding Path
WyndellFriend. Surname.
WyndhamFrom the windy viIlage
WynfieldFrom a friend's field
WynfrithFriend of peace
WynnFriend. Variants are English surnames in rare use as given names.
WynneLight Complexion
WynnieWhite or fair
WynonoFirst born
WynstonFrom Wine's farm
WynterBorn in the winter
WynthropFrom Wine's estate
WyntonFriend. Surname.
WynwardFrom Wine's forest
WynwodeFrom Wine's forest
WyrttunFrom the vegetable farm
WystanBattle Stone
WystenDerived for the term wig
WythFrom the willow tree
WytheFrom the willow tree

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