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Baby boy names starting with W - Page 4

Name Meaning Gender
WillDiminutive of William Resolute protector; will.
WillaburhFrom the strong fortress
WillamarResolute or famous
WillaperhtResolute or brilliant
WillardBold Resolve
WillemContraction of William
WillesoneSon of William
WillhardResolute or brave
WilliamResolute protector, Will.
For a long time after the Norman conquest in A.D. 1066 many English boys were given some form of William the Conquer's name.
WilliamonGerman form of William
WilliamsSon of William
WilliamsonSon of William
WillieResolute; will Abbreviation of names beginning with Will-
WillifridResolute or peaceful
WillimodResolute spirit
WillisSon of William
WillmarResolute or famous
WillmarrResolute or famous
WilloughbyFarm of Willows
WillyDiminutive of William or any names begining with Will- ; Resolute protector; will.
WilmarResolute or famous
WilmerResolute or famous
WilmodResolute spirit
WilmotResolute spirit
WilpertResolute or brilliant
WilsonSon of Will. Surname.
WiltonFarm By The spring
WincelFrom the bend in the road
WinchellDrawer of water
WindellTraveler; wanderer.
WindgateFrom the winding gate
WindhamFrom the windy viIlage
WindsorFrom Windsor
WinefieldFrom a friend's field
WinefrithFriend of peace
WinetorpFrom Wine's estate
WinfieldStone marker of friendship. Surname.
WinfredFriend of Peace
WinfridFriend of peace
WinfrithFriend of peace
WingateFrom the winding gate
WinslowFrom The Friends Hill
WinsloweFrom Wine's hill
WinsorFrom Windsor
WinstonJoy Stone, Victory Town
WinswodeFrom Wine's forest
WintanweorthFrom the white one's estate
WinterBorn in the winter
WinthorpFrom Wine's estate
WintonFrom Wine's farm
WinwardFrom Wine's forest
WinwodemFrom Wine's forest
WinwoodFrom Wine's forest
WireceasterFrom the alder forest army camp
WiseArdent or wise
WittahereWise wamor
WittatunFrom the wise man's estate
WitterWise wamor
WittonFrom the wise man's estate
WodeleahFrom the wooded meadow
WodenKing of the gods
WohehivDull knife (Cheyenne)
WokaihwokomasWhite antelope (Cheyenne)
WolcottLives in Wolfe's cottage
WolfcotLives in Wolfe's cottage
WolfgangWolf Strife
WolfricWolf ruler
WolfrickWolf ruler
WolfrikWolf ruler

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