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Baby boy names starting with W - Page 3

Name Meaning Gender
WendallTraveler; wanderer.
WendlesoraFrom Windsor
WentworthFrom the white one's estate
WeolingtunFrom the wealthy estate
WeorthFrom the farm
WernerWarin Warrior
WesWest meadow. Variant of the English surname Westley.
WesleyWest Meadow
WessleyWest meadow. Variant of the English surname Westley.
WestWest town. Surname.
WestbrocFrom the west brook
WestbrookFrom the west brook
WestbyFrom the west farm
WestcotFrom the west cottage
WestcottFrom the west cottage
WestenWest town. Surname.
WestinWest town. Surname.
WestleahFrom the west meadow
WestleyFrom the west meadow
WestonFrom The West Town
WestunFrom the west
WetherbyFrom the wether sheep farm
WetherlyFrom the wether sheep meadow
WethrbyFrom the wether sheep farm
WethrleahFrom the wether sheep meadow
WeylandFrom the land by the highway
WeylinSon of the wolf
WeylynSon of the wolf
WhartonFrom the estate at the hollow
WheatleyWheat Fields
WheatonWheat Town
WheelerA Driver
WhitbyFrom the white farm
WhitcombFrom the white hollow
WhitelawFrom the white hill
WhitfieldFrom the white field
WhitfordFrom the white ford
WhitlawFrom the white hill
WhitleyFrom the white meadow
WhitmanWhite haired
WhitmoorFrom the white moor
WhitmoreFrom the white moor
WhittakerFrom the white field
WicasaSage (Dakota)
WiccumFrom the village meadow
WichammFrom the village meadow
WichellFrom the bend in the road
WickamFrom the village meadow
WickleyFrom the village meadow
WicleahFrom the village meadow
WiellaburneFrom the spring brook
WiellabyFrom the spring farm
WielladunFrom the spring hill
WiellafordFrom the spring by the ford
WiellatunFrom the spring farm
WigmaereFamous in battle
WikvayaOne who brings (Hopi)
WilbartResolute or brilliant
WilberWillful; bright.
WilbertResolute or brilliant
WilburBright Resolve
WilburnWillful; bright.
WilburtResolute or brilliant
WildonFrom the wooded hill
WileyWell-watered meadow.
WilfordFrom the Willow Ford, Desires peace.
WilfredMuch Peace
WilfredoDesires peace.
WilfridName of a saint, Resolute or peaceful
WilhelmGerman form of William

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