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Baby names starting with U

Name Meaning Gender
UaidIrish form of Walter
UaltarStrong fighter
UdaleFrom the yew tree valley
UdallFrom the yew tree valley
UdayleFrom the yew tree valley
UdellFrom the yew tree valley
UdolfWealthy wolf
UdolphWealthy wolf
UlaSea jewel, Abbreviation of Eulalie
UldwynaSpecial friend
UlfredWolf of peace
UlgerWolf spear
UliNoble leader ('Mistress of all' when feminine)
UliciaFeminine form of Ulik
UlisesVariant of the Greek name Odysseus. Ulysses was the clever and resourceful mythological hero of Homer's epic The Odyssey.
UlkaMistress of all
UllaHas willpower
UllockWolf sport
UllokWolf sport
UlmarWolf famous
UlmarrWolf famous
UlricaMistress of all
UlrichNoble leader
UlrikeMistress of all
UlvelaikWolf sport
UlzNoble leader
UnaWhite wave, Together, One, Remember (Hopi)
UngusOne vigor
UniteaVariant of the name Unity
UpchurchFrom the upper church
UptonFrom the high town
UptunFrom the upper farm
UpwodeFrom the upper forest
UpwoodFrom the upper forest
UrbanoFrom the city
UriGod is my light
UriahGod is my light
UrielGod is my light
UrienBorne by a character in the Mabinogi, Urien of Rheged
UriensName of a king
UrquhartFrom the fount on the knoll
UrsulaDiminutive of ursa meaning (she-)bear
UrsulinaLittle bear
UsbeornDivine warrior
UtherArthur's father
UzumatiBear (Miwok)
UzziahGod is mighty
UzzielGod is mighty
UzziyeGod's strength

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