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Baby boy names starting with S - Page 7

Name Meaning Gender
StoneyNickname based on the word stone. Stone
StrangStrong; Powerful
StratfordFrom the river ford on the street
StrodFrom the thicket
StroudFrom the thicket
StruthersFrom the stream
StuartStuart and Stewart are clan names of the royal house of Scotland; Stuart is the family name of many kings of England. Surname.
SuckiBlack (Algonquin)
SuffieldFrom the south field
SugnMythical son of Sugnedudd
SuidhneLittle hero
SuileabhanBlack eyed
SulaimanArabic form of Solomon
SulliMnBlack eyed
SullivanDark eyes. Surname.
SullyFrom the south meadow
SumarvilleFrom the summer estate
SumertonFrom the summer estate
SumertunFrom the summer estate
SumnerA summoner
SunFrom the town by the river Boyn
SunukkuhkauHe crushes (Algonquin)
SutcliffFrom the south cliff
SutclyfFrom the south cliff
SuthclifFrom the south cliff
SutherlandFrom Sutherland
SuthfeldFrom the south field
SuthleahFrom the south meadow
SuthleyFrom the south meadow
SuttecliffFrom the south cliff
SuttonFrom the south farm
SwainKnight's attendant
SwaynKnight's attendant
SweeneyLittle hero
SwintonFrom the swine farm
SwintunFrom the swine farm
SwithunName of a saint
SydVariant of Sidney from St. Denis
SydneyFrom St. Denys
SylvesterSee Silvester.
SymingtonFrom Simon's estate
SymonVariant of Simon meaning hear; listen.
SymontunFrom Simon's estate

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