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What does Sheena mean?

God's gift

Gender: Female


darkchild darkchild
commented on September 20th 2005
This can also be spelt SHENA.
RG88 RG88
commented on August 13th 2007
The name can also be spelled Sine, Shena, or Shenna, my name :-). These are both said the same way.

The names has two different origins. The better know origin is Gaelic, Celtic, Irish, and Scottish. Since these have close ties it depends on the source you view, but they all report Sheena coming from the name Sine. Sine and the alternative spellings is Gaelic for Jeanne and Jane.

Another origin I have found is Hebrew from the name Yochana. When translated into Latin Yochana becomes Joan, Joanna, or Johanna.

Sheena is considered female versions of John or Sean.

All meanings I have seen are related to god such as God''s gift, God''s grace, or the Lord has favoured.
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