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Baby names starting with R - Page 4

Name Meaning Gender
RenfridPeaceful raven
RenkeStrong judgment
RenneTo rise again.
RennieTo rise again.
RennyWealthy or charming
RenoAbbreviation of names like Moreno. A city in Nevada.
RenshawFrom the raven forest
RentonFrom the raven farm
RenweardGuardian of the house
ReodRuddy colored
ReubenSee - a son. Firstborn of Jacob's 12 sons.
ReuhenBehold a son
ReuleFamous wolf
RexLatin meaning
RexfordVariant of Rex chieftain; ruler. Surname.
RexleyFrom the king's meadow
RexlordFrom the king's ford
RextonVariant of Rex chieftain; ruler. Surname.
ReyhurnFrom the deer's stream
ReymondGuards wisely.
ReymundoGuards wisely.
ReynardMighty and brave Strong counselor.
ReynardoStrong counselor.
RhedaA goddess
RhegedFrom Rheged
RhianMagic Maiden
Rhiannasweet child
RhiannonSacred Queen; Mythical daughter of Hefeydd
RhodesLives near the crucifix
RhodriDevired from rhod 'wheel' and rhi 'ruler'
RhysPassion, Rashness
RiaFrom the river's mouth
RiaganLittle king
Rianna / ReannahSweet Basil, Virtuous
RianneFrom John
RicaRules the home
RicadeneLives in the ruler
RicardPowerful; strong ruler.
RicardaStrong ruler
RicardoPowerful ruler
RiccardoPowerful ruler
RichPowerful ruler
RichaelName of a saint
RichardPowerful; strong ruler. A Teutonic name from the European Middle Ages. England's King Richard Coeur de Lion was a crusading knight.
RichardoPowerful; strong ruler.
RichieVariant of Richard.
RichmondStrong protector
RickAbbreviation of Richard powerful; strong ruler.
RickardVariant of Richard powerful; strong ruler.
RickerStrong army
RickeyAbbreviation of Richard powerful; strong ruler.
RickieAbbreviation of Richard powerful; strong ruler.
RickwardStrong guardian
RickyAbbreviation of Richard powerful; strong ruler.
RicoGlory; Strong ruler
RicweardStrong guardian
RiddocFrom the smooth field
RiddockFrom the smooth field
RidgeFrom the ridge
RidgeieyLives at the meadow's ridge
RidgelyLives at the meadow's ridge
RidleyFrom the red meadow
RidpathLives near the red path
RigbyLives in the ruler
RigelFoot. Rigel is a blue star of the first magnitude that marks the hunter's left foot in the Orion constellation.

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