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Baby boy names starting with R - Page 6

Name Meaning Gender
RowRed haired; Deer
RowanFrom the Rowan Rree
RowdyBoisterous. Western nickname.
RoweRed haired
RowellFrom the deer spring
RowenRed haired
RowesonRowe's son
RowinRed haired
RowlandRenowned in the land. Roland was a legendary hero who served Charlemagne.
RowleyFrom the rough meadow
RowsonRowe's son
RowtagFire (Algonquin)
RowynRed haired
RoxburyFrom the raven's fortress
RoyRed haired
RoyanRed-haired; red.
RoyceSon of Roy; Royal
RoydenFrom the royal hill
RoynsA Welsh king
RuadhaganRed haired
RuadhanName of a saint red haired
RuadsonRowe's son
RuaidhriFamous ruler red
RuarcFamous ruler
RuarkFamous ruler
RubenBehold a son
RuddRuddy colored
RuddyRuddy colored
RudigerGerman form of Roger
RudyAbbreviation of Rudolph.
RudyardFrom the rough enclosure
RuebanBehold a son
RuelleFamous wolf
RuffRed haired
RuffeRed haired
RuffordFrom the red ford
RufioRed haired
RufoRed haired
RufordFrom the red ford
RugbyFrom the raven's estate
RuhdugeardFrom the rough enclosure
RuhleahFrom the rough meadow
RuleFamous wolf
RumfordFrom the wide ford
RuneA rune; Secret
RuodrikFamous ruler
RupertBright fame
RuprechtBright fame
RushForm of Rufus Red-haired.
RusheRed haired
RushfordLives near the rush ford
RushkinRed haired
RussForm of Rufus Red-haired.
RusselForm of Rufus Red-haired.
RussellFox; Form of Rufus Red-haired.
RustRed haired
RustyNickname for a red-haired person.
RutgerGerman form of Roger
RutherfordFrom the cattle ford
RutledgeFrom the red pool
RutleyFrom the root meadow
Ryanlittle king
RycroftFrom the rye field
RydgeFrom the ridge
RyeIsland meadow.
RyenceA Welsh king
RygecroftFrom the rye field
RygelandFrom the rye land
RygemannRye merchant
RylanIsland meadow.

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