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Baby boy names starting with P - Page 2

Name Meaning Gender
PaytahFire (Sioux)
PaytonPatrician; noble. Form of Patrick.
PazGolden, Peace
PeadaName of a prince
PearceRock; Form of Piers from Peter.
PearrocOf the forest
PearsonForm of Piers from Peter.
PedaiahJehovah Ransoms
PedroA rock. Form of Peter.
PeerA rock. Form of Peter.
PellamFather of Pelles
PellanorName of a king
PelleanPercival's father
PelleasA Fisher king
PellesA Fisher king
PellinoreName of a king
PelltunFrom the pool farm
PemtonFrom the pool farm
PendaName of a king
PendragonFrom the dragon's enclosed land
PenleighFrom the enclosed pasture meadow
PenleyFrom the enclosed pasture meadow
PenlyFrom the enclosed meadow
PennFrom the enclosure
PennleahFrom the enclosed pasture meadow
PenrithFrom Penrith
PenrodFamous commander
PentonFrom the enclosed farm
PepeSpanish form of Joseph He shall add
PepilloSpanish form of Joseph He shall add
PeppinName of a king
PerA rock. Form of Peter.
PercevalHero of several Arthurian stories
PercivalHero of several Arthurian stories
PercyvelleHero of several Arthurian stories
PeredwusName of a king
PeregrineWanderer; The peregrine falcon is the bird most favored in the ancient sport of falconry.
PerekinLittle rock
PerkinLittle rock
PerkinsSon of Perkin
PerkinsonSon of Perkin
PernelLittle rock
PernellLittle rock
PerrenFrench form of Peter
PerrinFrench form of Peter
PerryFrom the pear tree. Abbreviation of Peregrine. Surname.
PerrynFrench form of Peter
PertFrom the thorn bush or thicket
PerthFrom the thorn bush or thicket
PeryeFrom the pear tree
PeteA rock. Form of Peter.
PeterA rock. Peter the biblical fisherman and apostle had impulsive nature and rocklike faith. In Catholic tradition he is the first pope.
PetersonA rock. Form of Peter.
PetrusOne of Joseph's disciples
PeytonPatrician; noble. Form of Patrick.
PfeostunFrom the Priest's farm
PfessSleyFrom the priest's meadow
PhelanWolf, Joyful
PhelimAlways Good
PhelpsSon of Philip
PhilFond of horses. Form of Phillip.
PhilbertVery bright
PhilipFond of horses. Form of Phillip.
PhilippeLoves horses
PhilipsSon of Philip
PhillipFond of horses. One of the biblical 12 apostles.
PhillipeLoves horses
PhillipsSon of Philip
PhineasOracle - Serpent's mouth in Hebrew but derived from the Egyptian Panhshi

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