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Baby boy names starting with O - Page 2

Name Meaning Gender
OrdlandFrom the pointed hill
OrdmundSpear defender
OrdsoneOrmond's son
OrdwaldSpear strength
OrdwayWarrior armed with a spear
OrdwinSpear friend
OrdwineSpear friend
OrenPine tree.
OrfordFrom the cattle ford
OrhamFrom tbe riverbank enclosure
OriMy light
OrickFrom the ancient oak tree
OrikFrom the ancient oak tree
OrinWhite; Tree
OrlanRenowned in the land. Form of Roland; From the pointed hill
OrlandRenowned in the land. Form of Roland; From the pointed hill
OrlandoRenowned in the land. Form of Roland.
OrlegeBattle strife
OrlinRenowned in the land. Form of Roland.
OrlondoRenowned in the land. Form of Roland.
OrmemundSpear defender
OrmondSpear defender
OrmundSpear defender
OrranThe name of an English river.
OrrenThe name of an English river.
OrrickFrom the ancient oak tree
OrrikFrom the ancient oak tree
OrrinThe name of an English river.
OrsenOrmond's son
OrsonLittle bear
OrtonFrom the shore farm
OrtunFrom the shore farm
OrvalSpear strength
OrvelleGold town.
OrvilSpear strength; Gold Town
OrvilleSpear strength; Gold Town
OrvinBrave friend
OrvynBrave friend
OrwaldSpear strength
OsbartDivinely brilliant
OsbeorhtDivinely brilliant
OsbertDivinely brilliant
OsbornDivine warrior
OsbourneDivine warrior
OsburnDivine warrior
OsburtDivinely brilliant
OscarJumping fighter
OsckarJumping fighter
OsipGod wiIl multiply
OskarJumping fighter
OskerJumping fighter
OsmanGodly protection.
OsmarDivinely glorious
OsmarrDivinely glorious
OsminGodly protection.
OsmondDivine protector
OsmontDivine protector
OsmundGodly protection.
OsraedDivine counselor
OsredDivine counselor
OsricDivine ruler
OsrickDivine ruler
OsridDivine counselor
OsrikDivine ruler
OsrydDivine counselor
OswaldPower of God
OswealdDivinely powerful
OswellDivinely powerful
OswinGod's friend.

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