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Baby boy names starting with N - Page 3

Name Meaning Gender
NorthclifFrom the north cliff
NorthcliffeFrom the north cliff
NorthclyfFrom the north cliff
NorthropFrom the north farm
NorthrupFrom the north farm
NorthtunFrom the north farm
NorthwodeFrom the north forest
NortinFrom the north farm
NortonFrom the north farm
NorvalFrom the north valley
NorvelFrom the north state
NorvilleFrom the north state
NorvinFriend of the north
NorvynFriend of the north
NorwardNorthern guardian
NorwelFrom the north spring
NorwellFrom the north spring
NorwinFriend of the north
NorwoodFrom the north forest
NorwynFriend of the north
NoshFather (Algonquin)
NoshiFather (Algonquin)
NuddA knight
NukpanaEvil (Hopi)
NulteFrom Ulster
NultyFrom Ulster
NuralBorn in daylight
NuriMy fire
NygelChampion From the Irish and Scottish Niall.
NykkoAbbreviation of Nicholas. Mythological Nike was Greek goddess of victory and root origin of Nicholas.
NyleDesire; Champion
NylesChampion Form of Neil.

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