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Baby names starting with M - Page 13

Name Meaning Gender
MuracoWhite moon
MurchadhFighter of the sea
MurdocProtector of the sea
MurdochProtector of the sea
MurdockProtector of the sea
MurelKnows the sea
MurielMyrrh, Shining Sea
MurrayFrom the sea. Ancient Scottish clan surname.
MurroughFighter of the sea
MurryLord of the sea
MurtaghProtects the sea
MusaArabic form of Moses
MusettaA song
MusetteA song
MychaelaFeminine of Michael gift from God.
MychalVariant of Michal Who is like God?
MycheleFeminine of Michael gift from God.
MychelleFeminine of Michael gift from God.
MyeshaWoman; life. Variant of Aisha.
MyeshiaWoman; life. Variant of Aisha.
MykaylaFeminine for Michael, meaning gift from God
MylaMerciful. Feminine of Myles.
MyleenMerciful. Feminine of Myles.
MylnburneFrom the mill stream
MylnricFrom the powerful mill
MynoganMythical father of Beli
MyraPoetic invention.
MyriamAncient version of Mary. In the Bible Miriam sister of Moses saved his life when she hid infant Moses in a basket among the rushes at the river's edge for Pharaoh's daughter to find.
MyronHoly place
Myruquahla wonderful happening
MystiqueAir of mystery.

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