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Baby names starting with M - Page 12

Name Meaning Gender
MorelandFrom the moors
MoreleyFrom the meadow on the moor
MorellDark one; the Moor.
MorfranMythical ugly demon
MorganDweller of the sea / Lives by the sea
Morgan TudA physician
MorganaEnchantress half sister of Arthur
MorganceDweller of the sea
MorganeDweller of the sea
MorgawseMother of Gawain
MorgayneMedieval form of Welsh Morcan meaning bright sea.
MorguaseMother of Gawain
MorholtPrince killed by Tristan
MoriahGod teaches. Biblical name of the mount of the Jerusalem's Temple of Solomon.
MoriartyExpert seaman
MoriceGod teaches
MorielGod teaches
MorisaFeminine of Maurice dark;dark-skinned.
MoriseGod teaches
MorissaFeminine of Maurice dark;dark-skinned.
MoritGod teaches
MorlandMarsh; wet land.
MorleeFrom the meadow on the moor
MorlyFrom the meadow on the moor
MornaDearly loved or tender
MoroghMan of the sea
MoroldPrince killed by Tristan
MorreyDark-skinned; A Moor. Form of Maurice.
MorrieDark-skinned; A Moor. Form of Maurice.
MorriganA war goddess
MorrinLong haired
MorrisSon of More
MorriseySon of More
MorrisonSon of the servant of Mary
MorrisseyChoice of the sea
MorseDark-skinned; A Moor. Form of Maurice.
MortonFrom the farm near the moor
MorvenBig Mountain
MorvynLives by the sea
MorynLives by the sea
MoselleFrom the water
MosesSaved from the water
MosheForm of Moses saved from the water.
MoshehSaved from the water
MossMedieval form of Moses saved from the water.
MotavatoBlack kettle (Cheyenne)
MotegaNew arrow
MoukibLast of the prophets
MoultonFrom the mule farm
MoynaTender or mild
MuadhnaitNoble one
MuataYellow jackets inside a nest (Miwok)
MufidyMan of the sea
MuhammadVariant used for Mohammad - founder of Islamic religion. praiseworthy; glorified.
MuhammedVariant used for Mohammad - founder of Islamic religion. praiseworthy; glorified.
MuielKnows the sea
MuirFrom the moor
MuiraFrom the moor
MuircheartaighExpert seaman
MuireBitter or from the moor
MuireadhachLord of the sea
MuireannLong haired
MuirfinnDweIls near the beautiful sea
MuirghealKnows the sea
MukkiChild (Algonquin)
MukonryHound of prosperity
MulcahyBattle chief
MunaOverflowing spring (Hopi)
MundyFrom Reamon
MunroMan from Ro
MunroeMan from Ro

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