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Baby names starting with M

Name Meaning Gender
MableLovable. Abbreviation of Amabel.
MabonMythical god of youth; A knight
MabonaqainA knight
MabuzRuler of Death Castle
MacSon of
MacAdhamhSon of Adam
MacAlisterSon of Alasdair
MacAlpinSon of Alpine
MacAlpineSon of Alpine
MacAndrewSon of Andrew
MacartanSon of Artan
MacArthurSon of Arthur
MacAulaySon of Olaf
MacAuliffeSon of Olaf
MacAuslanSon of Absalon
MacBainSon of Beathan
MacBeanSon of Beathan
MacBethSon of Beth
MacBrideSon of Bridget Bride
MacCallumSon of Callum
MacClennanSon of Finnian's servant
MacCollSon of Coll
MacCormackSon of Cormac
MacDaibhidhDavid's son
MacDhuBhSon of the blackman
MacDomhnallSon of the world's ruler
MacDonaldSon of the world's ruler
MacDonellSon of the world's ruler
MacDougalSon of Dougal
MacDoughallSon of Dougal
MacDuffSon of the blackman
MaceA mace was a medieval weapon used by knights.
MaceeDerived from medieval male form of Matthew.
MacElroySon of Elroy
MacerioForm of Mace which is a medieval weapon used by knights.
MacEwenSon of Ewen
MaceyDerived from medieval male form of Matthew.
MacFarlaneSon of Farlan
MacFieSon of the dark of peace
MacGillivraySon of the servant of judgment
MacGowanSon of the smith
MacGregorSon of a shepherd
MachakwHorny toad (Hopi)
MachauGift from God
MachkBear (Algonquin)
MaciDerived from medieval male form of Matthew.
MacieDerived from medieval male form of Matthew.
MacInnesSon of the unique choice
MacIntoshSon of the thane
MacIverSon of an archer
MackSon of
MacKaySon of fire
MacKendrickSon of Henry
MacKenzieFair; favored one. Son of the fair man or Son of Kenzie
MacKinleySon of Kinley
MacKinnonSon of the fair born
MackIntoshSon of the thane
MacklinSon of Flann
MacklynSon of Flann
MacLachlanSon of Lachlan
MacLaineSon of the servant of John
MacLarenSon of Laren
MacLeanSon of the servant of John
MacLeodSon of the ugly man
MacMaureadhaighSon of Murray
MacMillanSon of the ba!d man
MacMurraSon of Murray
MacNabSon of the Abbot
MacNachtanSon of the pure one

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