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Baby names starting with L - Page 8

Name Meaning Gender
LoweLittle wolf
LowellYoung wolf.
LoyalFaithful; unswerving.
LoyceRenowned warrior
LuanaGraceful battle maiden
LuaneGraceful battle maiden
LucLight; illumination. Form of Luke.
LucanBrother of Arthur
LucasForm of Luke light; illumination.
LucenaIllumination. Mythological Roman goddess of childbirth and giver of first light to newborns. Also refers to Mary as Lady of the Light.
LuceroSpanish form of Luke light
Lucettelight; illumination.
Lucilight; illumination.
LucianForm of Luke. Light; illumination.
LucianoForm of Luke. Light; illumination.
Lucielight; illumination.
LucienForm of Luke. Light; illumination.
LucienneDiminutive form of Lucia light; illumination.
LucilaDiminutive form of Lucia light; illumination.
LucinaIllumination. Mythological Roman goddess of childbirth and giver of first light to newborns. Also refers to Mary as Lady of the Light.
LucioSpanish form of Luke light
LucitaLittle light
LuciusForm of Luke. Light; illumination.
LuckyFortunate. Lucky is also used as a nickname for Lucas and its variants.
LucreceFrom the Latin Lucretia Historically a Roman matron who committed suicide as a public protest against dishonor; from the Renaissance era - Lucrezia Borgia who was sister to Cesare Borgia.
LucreciaBrings light
Lucylight; illumination.
LudkhannahGraceful battle maiden
LudlowFrom the prince's hill
LuduvicoFamous fighter
LudwigFamous fighter
LudwikFamous fighter
LueiusA Roman emperor
LuellFamous elf
LuellaFamous elf
LueteOf the people
LugaidhFamous warrior
LughaidhFamous fighter
LuighseachTorch bringer
LuigiFamous fighter
LuiginwFamous fighter
LuijzikaRenowned warrior
LuisForm of Louis.
LuisaSpanish form of Louise famous in war
LuiseRenowned warrior
LuizaFeminine of Louis.
LujzaRenowned warrior
LukiFamous fighter
LuluPet form of the names Louise or Louella.
LundenFrom London
LundieFrom the island grove
LunedServant of Laudine
LunetServant of Laudine
LuneteServant of Laudine
LupitaAbbreviation of Guadalupe.
LuthaisFamous warrior
LutherRenowned warrior.
LutzFamous fighter
LuvenaLittle beloved one
LuveniaDerived from the Roman given name Levinia.
LuvinaDerived from the Roman given name Levinia.
LuvynaLittle beloved one
LuxoviousMythical god of Luxeuil
LuyuWild dove

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