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Baby names starting with L - Page 6

Name Meaning Gender
LinnDwells by the torrent
LinseyA lake; a place of linden trees.
LintonFrom the flax enclosure
LintunFrom the flax enclosure
LinwoodFrom the linden tree dell.
LionLion. The lion is a figure in art and religious symbolism of many cultures; symbolizing kingliness and grandeur and courage.
LionelYoung lion.
LionellYoung lion.
LioraThe laurel tree or sweet bay tree symbolic of honor and victory. Old name with many variants.
LioslaithDwells at the gray fortress
LirA mythical king
LirieneReads aloud
LirienneReads aloud
LisaVariation of Elizabeth. My God is bountiful;God of plenty.
LisabetAbbreviation of Elizabeth.
LisabethAbbreviation of Elizabeth.
LisabetteDevoted to God
LisandraDefender of mankind. Feminine of Alexander.
LisavetDevoted to God
LisbetAbbreviation of Elizabeth.
LiseAbbreviation of Elisabeth. My God is bountiful;God of plenty; devoted to God.
LisetteDevoted to God
LishaDerived from Alicia: (sweet; honest; truth) and Felecia: (happy)
LisleFrom the island
LissetteVariant of Elizabeth
LittonFrom tbe hillside town
LiviaLife. Ancient Roman name. Abbreviation of Olivia.
LivingstonFrom Lyfing's town
LivingstoneFrom Livingston
LiwanuGrowl of a bear (Miwok)
LizAbbreviation of Elizabeth and Eliza.
LizaVariation of Elizabeth. My God is bountiful;God of plenty.
LizabethAbbreviation of Elizabeth.
LizandraModern blend of Liz and Alexandra
LizannModern blend of Liz and Ann.
LizbetAbbreviation of Elizabeth.
LizbethVariation of Elizabeth. My God is bountiful;God of plenty.
LizetteVariation of Elizabeth. My God is bountiful;God of plenty.
LlacheuArthur's son
LlamreiArthur's horse
LleseniaThe gypsy female lead in a 1970s soap opera.
LluddName of a king
LlyrA mythical king
LocLives by tbe stronghold
LochlainHome of the Norse
LochlannHome of the Norse
LockeLives by tbe stronghold. Surname referring to a lock or locksmith.
LockwoodFrom the enclosed wood
LoeFather of Erec
LoefelDearly loved
LoganFinnian's servant
LogenLow meadow.
LohengrinSon of Percival
LohootSon of Arthur
LoisFeminine of Louis
LokniRain falls through the roof (Miwok)
LolaFeminine form of Carlos manly; Abbreviation of Dolores full of sorrows.
LoletaFeminine form of Carlos manly
LolitaFeminine form of Carlos manly
LolittaFeminine form of Carlos manly
LomahongvaBeautiful clouds arising (Hopi)
LomasiPretty flower

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