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Baby boy names starting with L - Page 4

Name Meaning Gender
LonellYoung lion.
LonnellYoung lion.
LonzoReady; eager. Abbreviation of Alonzo.
LootahRed (Sioux)
LorahVariant of Laura referring to the laurel tree or sweet bay tree symbolic of honor and victory.
LoranForm of Lorenzo and Lawrence.
LoranceModern usage. From the place of the laurel trees.
LorcanLittle fierce one.
LorenThe laurel tree or sweet bay tree symbolic of honor and victory. Old name with many variants.
LorenceModern usage. From the place of the laurel trees.
LorenzoForm of Lawrence. Lorenzo de' Medici was a patron of Michaelangelo and Da Vinci.
LoriaModern variant of Lora and Laurie referring to the laurel tree or sweet bay tree symbolic of honor and victory.
LorimarSaddle maker
LorimerSaddle maker
LorinVariant of Lawrence meaning from Laurentium.
LoringFamous in battle
LorneOf Lorne
LornellForm of Lawrence.
LorrenVariant of Lawrence meaning from Laurentium.
LorynVariant of Lawrence meaning from Laurentium.
LotName of a king
LothairFamous in battle
LotharRenowned warrior.
LotharingFamous in battle
LouisFamous in war Form of Lawrence.
LouvelLittle wolf
LovellDearly loved
LoweLittle wolf
LowellYoung wolf.
LoyalFaithful; unswerving.
LucLight; illumination. Form of Luke.
LucanBrother of Arthur
LucasForm of Luke light; illumination.
LuceroSpanish form of Luke light
LucianForm of Luke. Light; illumination.
LucianoForm of Luke. Light; illumination.
LucienForm of Luke. Light; illumination.
LucilaDiminutive form of Lucia light; illumination.
LucioSpanish form of Luke light
LuciusForm of Luke. Light; illumination.
LuckyFortunate. Lucky is also used as a nickname for Lucas and its variants.
LudlowFrom the prince's hill
LuduvicoFamous fighter
LudwigFamous fighter
LudwikFamous fighter
LueiusA Roman emperor
LugaidhFamous warrior
LughaidhFamous fighter
LuigiFamous fighter
LuiginwFamous fighter
LuisForm of Louis.
LukiFamous fighter
LundenFrom London
LundieFrom the island grove
LuthaisFamous warrior
LutherRenowned warrior.
LutzFamous fighter
LuxoviousMythical god of Luxeuil
LyallSurname meaning loyal.
LyamForm of William.
LydellA surname often used as a given name.
LyelSurname meaning loyal.
LyfingDearly loved
LymanFrom the valley
LyndLives by the linden tree
LyndonLives by the linden tree
LyndsieVariant of Lindsey from the linden tree island
LynessaVariant of ancient Welsh given name. In Arthurian legend Lynette accompanied Sir Gareth on a knightly quest.

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