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Baby boy names starting with L - Page 3

Name Meaning Gender
LeronThe circle.
LerouxThe red-haired one.
LeroyThe king.
LesleyFrom the gray fortress
LeslieDwells at the gray fortress
LesterFortified place.
LetitiaModern form of medieval name Letitia. Joyful;happy.
LeveretYoung rabbit
LeverettYoung rabbit
LevertonFrom the rush farm
LeviJoined. Levi; third ' of Jacob's 12 sons; became father of the tribe that was assigned priestly duties.
LewisGlorious Battle
LewyFamous fighter
LexAbbreviation of Alexander.
LexannVariant of Alexandra. Defender of mankind.
LeymanFrom the valley
LeytiShaped like an abalone shell (Miwok)
LiaIs an abbreviation of names like Amalia: (hard working;industrious) and Rosalia: (Rose).
LiamForm of William
LiftonFrom tbe hillside town
LilianVariant of Lillian derived from the flower name Lily. Symbol of innocence; purity; beauty.
LilybethBlend of Lily: (the flower; innocence; purity; beauty) and Elizabeth: (My God is bountiful;God of plenty.)
LincolnLakeside colony. The name of an early Roman settlement in England.
LindLives by the linden tree
LindaelLives by the linden tree valley
LindbergFrom the linden tree hill
LinddunLives by the linden tree
LindebergFrom the linden tree hill
LindelFrom the linden tree dell.
LindellLives by the linden tree valley
LindisfarneFrom Lindisfarne
LindleighFrom the linden tree meadow
LindleyFrom the linden tree meadow
LindlyFrom the linden tree meadow
LindsayA lake; a place of linden trees.
LineFrom the bank
LinfordFrom the linden tree ford
LinkFrom the bank
LinleahFrom the flax field
LinleyFrom the flax field
LinlyFrom the flax field
LinnDwells by the torrent
LintonFrom the flax enclosure
LintunFrom the flax enclosure
LinwoodFrom the linden tree dell.
LionLion. The lion is a figure in art and religious symbolism of many cultures; symbolizing kingliness and grandeur and courage.
LionelYoung lion.
LionellYoung lion.
LirA mythical king
LisleFrom the island
LittonFrom tbe hillside town
LivingstonFrom Lyfing's town
LivingstoneFrom Livingston
LiwanuGrowl of a bear (Miwok)
LlacheuArthur's son
LluddName of a king
LlyrA mythical king
LocLives by tbe stronghold
LochlainHome of the Norse
LochlannHome of the Norse
LockeLives by tbe stronghold. Surname referring to a lock or locksmith.
LockwoodFrom the enclosed wood
LoeFather of Erec
LoefelDearly loved
LoganFinnian's servant
LogenLow meadow.
LohengrinSon of Percival
LohootSon of Arthur
LokniRain falls through the roof (Miwok)

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