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Baby names starting with K - Page 7

Name Meaning Gender
KimballNoble or brave
KimberleyFrom the royal meadow
KimberlyFrom the royal fortress meadow
KimbraFrom the royal fortress meadow
KimbroFrom the royal field
KimbroughFrom the royal field
KimiSecret (Algonquin)
KinFrom the top of the cliff
KindraBlend of Ken: (royal obligation;clear water) and Sandra: (protector of man) or Andrea: (manly or masculine).
KingKing's field. King is one of several titles occasionally used as given names.
KingdonFrom the king's hall
KingsleyFrom the king's meadow
KingstonFrom the king's village or estate King's field. King is one of several titles occasionally used as given names.
KingswellLives at the king's spring
KinneyAbbreviation of Kenneth. Surname.
KinnonFair born
KinnyFrom the top of the cliff
KinsleyKing's field. King is one of several titles occasionally used as given names.
KionaVariant of Kian. Ancient.
KionahVariant of Kian. Ancient.
KioniVariant of Kian. Ancient.
KionnaVariant of Kian. Ancient.
KipFrom the pointed hill
KippFrom the pointed hill
KipparFrom the pointed hill
KippieFrom the pointed hill
KiraThe Sun
KirbyChurch farm.
KirkFrom the church
KirkleyFrom the church's meadow
KirklyFrom the church's meadow
KirkwoodFrom the church's forest
KirstenVariant of Christiana. Follower of Christ.
KirwinDark skinned
KirwynDark skinned
KishaAbbreviation of Lakeisha. Great joy.
KitNickname for Christopher. Frontiersman Kit Carson.
KitchiBrave (Algonquin)
KitlynMedieval English form of the Irish Caitlin. Pure
KittyVariant of Katherine. Pure.
KiwidinokOf the wind (Chippewa)
KlausGerman form of Nicholas
KleefFrom the cliff
KnightNoble or soldier
KnocksFrom the hills
KnoxFrom the hills
KobyDark; dark-haired.
KoenHonest advisor
KoenraadHonest advisor
KohanaSwift (Sioux)
KohkahycumestWhite crow or white antelope (Cheyenne)
KokoNight (Black Foot)
KokyangwutiSpider woman at middle age (Hopi)
KolenaVariant of Katherine. Pure.
KolichiyawSkunk (Hopi)
KoltCoal town.
KoltenCoal town.
KoltinCoal town.
KoltonCoal town.
KonniHonest advisor
KonradBold adviser.
KordHonest advisor
KordaleCordmaker. Surname.
KordellCordmaker. Surname.
KorriganSpearman. Surname.

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