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Baby names starting with K - Page 6

Name Meaning Gender
KermitSon of Diarmaid
KermodeSon of Diarmaid
KerrMan of strength
KerraDusky; dark.
KerriDusky; dark.
KerrianneDusky; dark.
KerrickKing's rule. Surname.
KerrieDusky; dark.
KerriganDusky; dark A surname.
KerrinBeauty. Abbreviation of Kerenhappuch; In the bible Keren was one of Job's three daughters.
KerryFrom county Kerry
KerwinLittle dark one.
KerwynDark skinned
KesegowaaseSwift (Algonquin)
KestejooSlave (Algonquin)
KesterFrom the Roman camp
KeturahSacrifice. Abraham's second wife in the bible.
KevaBeautiful child. Feminine of Kevin.
KevanHandsome child. Variant of Kevin.
KevayLovely and charming
KevenHandsome child. Variant of Kevin.
KeveonHandsome child. Variant of Kevin.
KeviaBeautiful child. Feminine of Kevin.
KevinHandsome child. Name of a famous Irish hermit-saint. Kevin is the most popular of many spellings.
KevinaBeautiful child. Feminine of Kevin.
KevinnHandsome child. Variant of Kevin.
KevionHandsome child. Variant of Kevin.
KevisHandsome child. Variant of Kevin.
KevonHandsome child. Variant of Kevin.
KevronHandsome child. Variant of Kevin.
KevynHandsome child. Variant of Kevin.
KeziaCassia; sweet-scented spice. Keziah was one of Job's three fair daughters in the bible.
KeziahCassia; sweet-scented spice. Keziah was one of Job's three fair daughters in the bible.
KhadijahMuhammad's first wife who the Koran describes as one of four perfect women. (Fatima and Mary and Aisha were the others.)
KhanhPrince. Title used by central Asian tribal chieftains and ruling princes.
KharimGenerous; a friend. The Koran lists generosity as one of 99 qualities of God.
KhristinaVariant of Christiana. Follower of Christ.
KhrystallineVariant of Crystal. Sparkling. K from the Greek spelling of krystallos.
KiahDaughter of Promise
KiahnaVariant of Kian. Ancient.
KianaVariant of Kian. Ancient.
KiandraVariant of Kian. Ancient.
KiandriaVariant of Kian. Ancient.
KianiVariant of Kian. Ancient.
KiannaVariant of Kian. Ancient.
KianniVariant of Kian. Ancient.
KiaraDark. Feminine of Ciaran. Name of a saint
KiaunaVariant of Kian. Ancient.
KieferBarrelmaker Variation of Cooper. Surname.
KieraFeminine of the Irish Gaelic Kieran. Dusky; dark-haired.
KieranDark skinned
KikkaMistress of all
KildaireFrom county Kildare
KildareFrom county Kildare
KileA place-name referring to the narrows; a wood or a church.
KileyA place-name referring to the narrows; a wood or a church.
KilianSmall; fierce.
KilldaireFrom county Kildare
KillianStrife or battle Small; fierce.
KimFrom the royal fortress meadow

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