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Baby names starting with H - Page 7

Name Meaning Gender
HumphreyPeaceful Hun
HunfridPeaceful Hun
HunfriedPeaceful Hun
HungasOne vigor
HuntPursuer. Surname.
HuntingdenFrom the hunter's hill
HuntingdonFrom the hunter's hill
HuntingtonFrom the hunting farm
HuntingtunFrom the hunting farm
HuntleyFrom the hunter's meadow
HuntlyFrom the hunter's meadow
HuritBeautiful (Algonquin)
HurittHandsome (Algonquin)
HurlbartArmy strong
HurlbertArmy strong
HurleySea tide
HurstLives in the forest
HursteLives in the forest
HusainSmall beauty; Good. The founder of Shiite Islam was named Hussein.
Husam al DinSword of faith
HusaynGood. The founder of Shiite Islam was named Hussein.
HussainGood. The founder of Shiite Islam was named Hussein.
HusseinGood. The founder of Shiite Islam was named Hussein.
HuttonFrom the estate on the ridge
HuxefordFrom Hugh's ford
HuxfordFrom Hugh's ford
HuxleyFrom Hugh's meadow
HuxlyFrom Hugh's meadow
HwaeteleahFrom the wheat feild
HweolereWheel maker
HwertunFrom the estate at the hollow
HwitbyFrom the white farmstead
HwitcombFrom the white hollow
HwitcumbFrom the white hollow
HwitfordFrom the white ford
HwithloewFrom the white hill
HwitlocFrom the white fortress
HyattFrom the high gate. Surname.
HydeFrom the hide
HyldaWarfare. In Scandinavian mythology Hildegard was a Valkyrie sent by Odin to escort battle heroes to Valhalla.

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