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Baby names starting with H - Page 4

Name Meaning Gender
HeddaVigorous battle maiden
HedyWarfare. Variant of Hedwig.
HefeyddMythical father of Rhiannon
HehewutiWarrior mother spirit (Hopi)
HeideLittle Miss. Abbreviation of Adelheid.
HeidiDerived from Adelheid, meaning 'nobility'
HeilynMythical son of Gwyn
HeinrichRules his household. Variant of Henry.
HekliTouch (Miwok)
HelaineVariant of Helen. In mythology the abduction of Zeus's mortal daughter Helen sparked the Trojan War.
HelakuFull of sun
HelenaVariant of Helen. In mythology the abduction of Zeus's mortal daughter Helen sparked the Trojan War.
HeleneVariant of Helen. In mythology the abduction of Zeus's mortal daughter Helen sparked the Trojan War.
HellekinFrench lover of Morgan le Fay
HeloiseFrench form of Louise
HelsaDevoted to God
HelsinMother of Lancelot
HeltonFrom the hillslope estate
HenbeddestrFastest man
HendersonSon of Henry
HengistSon of Wodan
HenriVariant of English Henry Rules his household.
HenriettaKeeper of the hearth. Rules her household. Feminine of Henry.
HenrietteKeeper of the hearth
HenriquaFeminine form of Henrique rules the home
HenryRules his household. Oft-used English and French royal name. The second son of Charles Prince of Wales is named Henry.
HensonSon of Henry
HenwasMythical brother of Henbeddestr
HeortwiellaLives near the stag's spring
HeortwodeFrom the stag's forest
HephzibahBiblical name meaning 'my delight is in her' a new born daughter
HepsibaShe is my delight
HepzibethShe is my delight
HeraldOne who proclaims. Also variant of Harold Army commander.
HeraldoArmy commander.
HerbertIllustrious warrior.
HeribertoSpanish form of Herbert shining warrior
HerlbertArmy strong
HerlebeorhtArmy strong
HermanSoldier. See also Harmon.
HernMythical hunter
HernanAdventurous. Variant of Ferdinand.
HernandezAdventurous. Variant of Ferdinand.
HernandoAdventurous. Variant of Ferdinand.
HerneMythical hunter god
HerrickArmy leader
HertaOf the earth
HerthaOf the earth
HerzeloydePercival's mother
HeskovizenakoPorcupine bear (Cheyenne)
HesterVariant of Esther.
HesutuYellow jacket's nest rising out of the ground (Miwok)
HetheclifFrom the heath cliff
HettieFrom Henrietta. Rules her household.
HevataneoHairyrope (Cheyenne)
HevovitastamiutstoWhirlwind (Cheyenne)
HewettLittle Hugh
HewittLittle Hugh
HewlettLittle Hugh
HewlittLittle Hugh
HeywoodFrom the hedged forest
HezekiahGod is my strength

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