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Baby names starting with H - Page 3

Name Meaning Gender
HarrellMountain of God
HarrietRules her household. Feminine of Harry from Henry.
HarriettRules her household. Feminine of Harry from Henry.
HarriettaRules the home
HarrietteRules the home
HarrisSon of Harry
HarrisonSon of Harry Surname.
HarryArmy man
HartStag Strong; brave. Surname.
HarteStrong; brave. Surname.
HartfordFrom the stag's ford
HartleyFrom the stag's meadow
HartmanStrong; brave. Surname.
HartunFrom the gray estate
HartwellLives near the stag's spring
HartwoodFrom the stag's forest
Harun al RachidAaron the upright
HarveyEager for battle.
HashimDestroys eviI
HasletFrom the hazel tree land
HaslettFrom the hazel tree land
HassunStone (Algonquin)
HastiinMan (Navajo)
HattieRules her household. Feminine of Harry from Henry.
HausisOld woman (Algonquin)
HausisseOld woman (Algonquin)
Havenplace of safety; shelter.
HawioviGoing down the ladder (Hopi)
HawleyFrom the hedged meadow
HawlyFrom the hedged meadow
HayFrom the stockade
HaydenFrom the hedged in valley
HaydonFrom the hedged in valley
HayeFrom the stockade
HayesFrom the hedged land
HayleLives in the hall
HayleyFrom the hay meadow
HaylieField of hay. Usually a surname.
HaywardKeeper of the hedged enclosure
HaywoodFrom the hedged forest
HazelThe hazel tree;nut.
HazellThe hazel tree;nut.
He lush kaFighter (Winnebago)
HeahweardChief guardian
HealhtunFrom the hillslope estate
HeallFrom the manor
HealleahFrom the manor house meadow
HeallfrithPeaceful home
HeallstedeFrom the manor house
HealumLives at the hall's slopes
HealyFrom the slope land
HeammawihioWise one above (Cheyenne)
HeanfordFrom the high ford
HeanleahFrom the high meadow
HeardindFrom the hare's valley
HeardwineBrave friend
HearneMythical hunter
HeathUntended land where flowering shrubs grow. Surname and place-name.
HeathcliffFrom the heath cliff
HeathclyfFrom the heath cliff
HeathdeneFrom the heath
HeatherA flowering evergreen plant that thrives on peaty barren lands as in Scotland. Heather
HeathleahFrom the heath covered meadow
HeathleyFrom the heath covered meadow
HebeProunced hee-bee A Greek name of the adjective 'hebis' young
HeberPartner. Heber was a biblical ancestor of Abraham.

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