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Baby girl names starting with G - Page 2

Name Meaning Gender
GenisisOrigin; birth. Genisis is the name of the first book in the Bible. Genisia - the Virgin Mary of Turin - is a protectress invoked against drought in Catholic tradition.
GeniveeOf the race of women.
GennaVariant of Jenny. White wave.
GennyVariant of Jenny. White wave.
GenovevaWhite wave
GenowefaWhite wave
GeordiTiny Little Angel
GeorgetteVariant of Georgia. Feminine form of George
GeorgiaFarmer. Feminine of George.
GeorgineVariant of Georgia.
GeorgitteFeminine form of George
GeraldinaMighty with a spear. Rules by the spear. Feminine of Gerald.
GeraldineRules by the spear. Feminine of Gerald.
GeralynRules by the spear. Feminine of Gerald. Blend of Geri plus Marilyn
GeralynnRules by the spear. Feminine of Gerald. Blend of Geri plus Marilyn
GerhardinaMighty with a spear
GerhardineMighty with a spear
GeriModern form of Gerry.
GericaBlend of Geri plus Erica.
GerickaBlend of Geri plus Erica.
GerikaBlend of Geri plus Erica.
GermainFrom Germany
GermaineLoud of voice
GermanaFrom Germany
GerriModern form of Gerry.
GerrilynBlend of Geri plus Marilyn
GertrudFrom the protected farm
GertrudaFrom the protected farm
GertrudeFrom the protected farm
GertrudesSpanish form of Gertrude spear
GertrudisSpanish form of Gertrude spear
GertrutFrom the protected farm
GerwaltMighty with a spear
GerwaltaMighty with a spear
GezanaReference to the Incarnation
GezaneReference to the Incarnation
GhislainePleasant oath
GigiFrench pet form of Giselle
GilaEternal joy
GilahEternal joy
GilalEternal joy
GilalaEternal joy
GilanaEternal joy
GilatEternal joy
GildaGolden. Also an abbreviation of Teutonic names containing gilde.
GildasServes God
GiliEternal joy
GiliaEternal joy
GilitEternal joy
GillianVariant of Juliana.
GinebraWhite as foam
GinervaWhite as foam
GinessaWhite as foam
GingerPep; liveliness The pungent ginger root is used as a spice. Nickname for Virginia.
GinnaAbbreviation of Virginia.
GinnetteAbbreviation of Virginia.
GinnieAbbreviation of Virginia.
GinnyAbbreviation of Virginia.
GiovannaGracious gift from God
GipsyDerived from Egyptian. to describe wandering tribes of dark Caucasians who migrated from India to Europe in the fifteenth century.
GisaCut stone
GIynnaOf the glen
GizaCut stone

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