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Baby boy names starting with E - Page 4

Name Meaning Gender
EnkoodabaooOne who lives alone (Algonquin)
EnkoodabooaooOne who lives alone (Algonquin)
EnnisIsland; Mine
EnnoStrong with a sword
EnoStrong with a sword
EnochTrained and dedicated. In the bible Enoch was father of Methuselah; the oldest living man named in the Bible.
EnosOne vigor
EnriqueRules his household. Variant of Henry.
EnyetoWalks as a bear
EnyinnaThe father's friend/confidant (For 1st son where the father is an only child)
EnzoRules his household. Variant of Henry.
EoforwicFrom the bear estate
EoghanGod's gift
Eoin BaisteForm of John the Baptist
EorlandFrom the noblemsn's land
EorllandFrom the noblemsn's land
EorlsonNobleman's son
EphremDoubly fruitful. Form of Hebrew Ephraim
EphronDoubly fruitful. Form of Hebrew Ephraim
EranRoused; awakened
ErchanboldSacred or bold
EreonberhtName of a king
EriAbbreviation of Erin - a poetic name for Ireland.
ErichGerman form of Eric
EriqVariant of Scandinavian Eric ever kingly. Actor Eriq La Salle.
ErlandFrom the noblemsn's land
ErleNobleman. Name based on the English title of Earl.
ErlingNobleman's son
ErnestSerious business
ErnestoSerious; determined.
EronVariant of Aaron lofty or inspired.
ErrapelDivine healer
ErrolEarl; nobleman.
ErrollEarl; nobleman.
ErskineFrom the top of the cliff Ascending.
ErvinFriend. Variant of Irving.
ErvineFriend. Variant of Irving.
ErvingFriend. Variant of Irving.
ErwinFriend of the sea
ErwynFriend of the sea
EsaEsa comes from the Quran and is the translation for Jesus, can also be spelt Isa
EsauHairy. Biblical Jacob's older twin brother Esau was a skilled and adventurous hunter.
EscaliborKing Arthur's sword
EscanorKnight slain by Gawain
EsequielGod strengthens.
EshkolGrape cluster
EsmondProtected by God
EsmundProtected by God
EsraHelp. 5th century BC Jewish priest and scholar Ezra wrote three biblical books and began compiling and cataloging the Hebrew Scriptures that later formed the Old Testament.
EsrlsonNobleman's son
EstcotFrom the east cottage
EstcottFrom the east cottage
EstebanCrowned in victory Variant of Stephen.
EstefanCrowned in victory
EstevanVariant of Stephen.
EstevonVariant of Stephen.
EstmundProtected by God
EstonFrom East town. Surname.
EtcheminCanoe man (Algonquin)
EthanStrong, Firm
EthelbaldName of a king
EthelbertName of a king
EthelredName of a king
EthelwulfName of a king
EtienneFrench form of Stephen

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