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Baby names starting with C - Page 7

Name Meaning Gender
CharroNickname for a cowboy particularly in Argentina.
Chasa man; variant of Carl.
Chas chunk aWave (Winnebago)
ChathamFrom the soldier's land
ChatlieModern form of Charles meaning manly
ChattanClan of the cats
ChatwinWarring friend
ChatwynWarring friend
Chauncefortune; a gamble. Variant of Chauncey.
ChaunceyChancellor; fortune; a gamble.
Chauncyfortune; a gamble. Variant of Chauncey.
ChaunteSinger;to sing
ChavatangakwunuaShort rainbow (Hopi)
ChavelaVariant of Isabel.
ChavelleVariant of Isabel.
ChavivDearly loved
ChavivaDearly loved
ChaviveDearly loved
ChaviviDearly loved
ChayoAbbreviations for names ending in -ano and -rio. Chan: (Chinese) family name.
ChaytonFalcon (Sioux)
Chaza man; variant of Carl.
CheAbbreviation of Jose; Latin-American revolutionary Che Guevara.
ChelindaTristan's grandmother
ChelindeTristan's grandmother
ChelsaPlace name; a London district.
ChelseaSeaport. Place name; a London district.
ChelseePlace name; a London district.
ChelseyPlace name; a London district.
ChelsiPlace name; a London district.
ChelsiePlace name; a London district.
ChelsyPlace name; a London district.
Chenellecanal; channel. The popular perfume Chanel
CheneyFrom the oak wood
ChepeGod will multiply
ChephzibahShe is our delight
ChepiFairy (Algonquin)
ChepitoGod will multiply
CherVariant of Cherie Dear one;darling
ChereVariant of Cherie Dear one;darling
ChereeVariant of Cherie Dear one;darling
ChereenVariant of Cherie Dear one;darling
CherellVariant of Cherie Dear one;darling
CherelleVariant of Cherie Dear one;darling
ChereseBlend of Cherie and Cerise. Dear one; darling
CheresseBlend of Cherie and Cerise. Dear one; darling
CheriVariant of Cherie Dear one;darling
ChericeBlend of Cherie and Cerise. Dear one; darling
CherieDear one; darling.
CherilynRhyming variant of Marilyn.
CherilynnRhyming variant of Marilyn.
CherinaVariant of Cherie Dear one;darling
CherineVariant of Cherie Dear one;darling
CherisaBlend of Cherie and Cerise. Dear one; darling
CheriseBlend of Cherie and Cerise. Dear one; darling
CherisseBlend of Cherie and Cerise. Dear one; darling
CheritaVariant of Cherie Dear one;darling
CherokeePeople of a different speech. One of the largest American Indian tribes.
CherreeVariant of Cherie Dear one;darling
CherrellVariant of the French Cherie dear one; darling. Rhyming variant of names like Meryl and Beryl; originated early twentieth century.
CherrelleVariant of Cherie Dear one;darling
CherriThe fruit-bearing cherry tree.
CherrieThe fruit-bearing cherry tree.

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