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Baby names starting with C - Page 14

Name Meaning Gender
CreiddyladlDaughter of Llud
CreightonLives at the creek town
CreissantTo create
CreketunLives at the creek town
CrescentTo create
CrespinCurly-haired. The 3rd century martyr St. Crispin is known as patron of shoemakers.
CrichtonFrom the town by the creek
CrisVariant abbreviation of Christopher and Christian.
CrisannVariant of Chrysantus
CrisannaVariant of Chrysantus
CrispinCurly-haired. The 3rd century martyr St. Crispin is known as patron of shoemakers.
CrissaAbbreviation of Christine. Follower of Christ.
CrissieAbbreviation of Christine. Follower of Christ.
CrissyAbbreviation of Christine. Follower of Christ.
CristaAppointed one. A Christian.
CristenVariant of Christian.
CristianFollower of Christ; the Annointed.
CristieAbbreviation of Christine. Follower of Christ.
CristinServant of Christ
CristinaFollower of Christ.
CristineFollower of Christ.
CristobalSpanish form of Christopher Christ bearer
CristoferWith Christ inside.
CristoforWith Christ inside.
CristonFollower of Christ; the Annointed.
CristosFollower of Christ; the Annointed.
CristovalWith Christ inside.
CristyAbbreviation of Christine. Follower of Christ.
CristynVariant of Christian.
CroftenFrom the enclosed town
CroftonFrom the enclosed town
CrogherLoves hounds
CrohooreLoves hounds
CrombwiellaLives by the winding stream
CromptonFrom the winding farm
Cromwell'Winding stream'
CronanLittle dark one
CrosleahFrom the cross meadow
CrosleighFrom the cross meadow
CrosleyFrom the cross meadow
CroslyFrom the cross meadow
CrowleyHunch backed
CroydonSurname and place-name.
CruadhlaoichHunch backed
CrystalVariant of Christiana. Follower of Christ.
CuartioBorn fourth
CuartoBorn fourth
CuchulainMythical Hound of Ulster
CulainMythical smith
CulannMythical smith
CulhwchArthur's nephew
CullanGood-looking lad.
CullenGood-looking lad. Surname.
CullinGood-looking lad.
CulloHound of Ulster
CullodenFrom the nook of the marsh
CullodenaFrom the broken mossy ground
CullodinaFrom the broken mossy ground
CumaniaName of a saint
CumheaHound of the plains
CuminFrom Comines
CuminaFrom Comines
CummingFrom Comines
CundrieWoman who condemns Percival
CundryWoman who condemns Percival
CunninghamFrom Cunningham
CupereBarrel maker

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