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Baby names starting with B - Page 12

Name Meaning Gender
BryaniThe name of a flowering vine used in folk medicine.
BryannShe ascends. Feminine of Brian.
BryannaShe ascends. Feminine of Brian.
BryanneShe ascends. Feminine of Brian.
BryantPopular variant of Brian.
BryceQuick moving or First Born
BrycenVariant of Bryce.
BrycetonVariant of Bryce.
BrydgerLives at tbe bridge
BryggereLives at tbe bridge
BryndaBeacon on the hill. Feminine of Brendan.
BryonPopular variant of Brian.
BryonyThe name of a flowering vine used in folk medicine.
BrysFrom Brys
BrysonVariant of Bryce.
BryssaFrom Briseis the woman Achilles loved in Homer's Iliad.
BrystonVariant of Bryce.
BuchananFrom the cannon's seat
BuckMale deer
BuckleyVariant of Buck; male goat or deer.
BudBrother. Nickname used since medieval times.
BuintonBorn fifth
BuironFrom the cottage
BurbankLives on the castle's hill
BurcetFrom the little stronghold
BurchardStrong as a castle
BurdettSurname used as a given name.
BurdetteSurname used as a given name.
BurdonLives at the castle
BureigLives on the brook island
BurelReddish brown haired
BurfordLives at the castle ford
BurgeisLives in town
Burgess'Fortified place'
BurghardStrong as a castle
BurghereLives at the fortress
BurgtunFrom the fortress town
BurhardtStrong as a castle
BurhbankLives on the castle's hill
BurhdonLives at the castle
BurhfordLives at the castle ford
BurhleagLives at the castle's meadow
BurhtunFrom the fortified town
BurkeFortified hill. See also Berkley.
BurkettFrom the little stronghold
BurkhartStrong as a castle
BurlCup bearer
BurleFortified. See also Berlyn.
BurleighLives at the castle's meadow. Fortified. See also Berlyn.
BurleyLives at the castle's meadow
BurlinSon of Berl. See also Burl.
BurlyLives at the castle's meadow
BurnFrom the brook
BurnardVariant of Bernard strong as a bear.
BurneBear; brown.
BurneigLives on the brook island
BurnellVariant of Bernard strong as a bear.
BurnetteBear; brown.
BurneyBear; brown.
BurnsSon of Byrne
BurrellFortified. See also Berlyn.
BursoneSon of Byrne
BurtonFrom the fortified town
ButhaynahOf a beautiful body
ButrusArabic form of Peter
ByfordLives at the river crossing
BymeBear; brown.

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