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Baby boy names starting with B - Page 9

Name Meaning Gender
BurkhartStrong as a castle
BurlCup bearer
BurleFortified. See also Berlyn.
BurleighLives at the castle's meadow. Fortified. See also Berlyn.
BurleyLives at the castle's meadow
BurlinSon of Berl. See also Burl.
BurlyLives at the castle's meadow
BurnFrom the brook
BurnardVariant of Bernard strong as a bear.
BurneBear; brown.
BurneigLives on the brook island
BurnellVariant of Bernard strong as a bear.
BurnetteBear; brown.
BurneyBear; brown.
BurnsSon of Byrne
BurrellFortified. See also Berlyn.
BursoneSon of Byrne
BurtonFrom the fortified town
ButrusArabic form of Peter
ByfordLives at the river crossing
BymeBear; brown.
ByramFrom the cattle yard
ByreleahFrom the cattle shed on the meadow
ByrneFrom the brook
ByrnesSon of Byrne
ByrtelFrom the bird hill

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