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Baby boy names starting with B - Page 6

Name Meaning Gender
BonifaceName of a saint
BooneGood; a blessing. American frontier hero Daniel Boone.
BoothLives in a hut
BootheLives in a hut
BorakThe lightning. Al Borak was the legenday magical horse that bore Muhammad from earth to the seventh heaven.
BordanFrom the boar valley
BordenFrom the boar valley
BorreSon of Arthur
BorsUncle of Arthur
BosworthLives at the cattle enclosure
BotewolfHerald wolf
BothFrom the stone house
BothainFrom the stone house
BothanFrom the stone house
BotheLives in a hut
BotolfHerald wolf
BotwolfHerald wolf
BoulusArabic form of Paul
BourkeFortified hill. See also Berkley.
BournFrom the brook
BourneFrom the brook
BowenSon of Owen
BowynSon of Owen
BoyceLives near the wood.
BoydBlonde; fair-haired.
BoyntonFrom the town by the river Boyn
BpleCup bearer
BradFrom the broad valley
BradanFrom the broad valley
BradbourneFrom the broad brook
BradburnFrom the broad brook
BraddBroad; wide.
Braddockbroad-spreading oak.
BraddonBroad hillside.
BradeneFrom the broad valley
BradfordFrom the broad ford
BradigFrom the broad island
BradleahFrom the broad meadow
BradleeEnglish surnames related to Bradley Broad clearing in the wood.
BradleyBroad clearing in the wood.
BradlyFrom tbe broad meadow
BradonBroad hillside.
BradshawEnglish surnames related to Bradley Broad clearing in the wood.
BradwellFrom the broad spring
BradySpirited; Broad.
BradynFrom the broad valley
BraedenBroad hillside.
BraedonBroad hillside.
BraemwiellaFrom the bramble bush spring
BrainardBold raven
BrainerdBold raven
BraleahFrom the hillslope meadow
BramBramble; a thicket of wild gorse. Abbreviation of Abraham and Abram. Bram Stoker was author of Dracula.
BramwellFrom the bramble bush spring
BranFather of Caradoc or Caradawc, Raven
BrandFiery torch; beacon. Also a variant of Brandon. Brandt: (German) Fiery torch; beacon.
BrandanBeacon on the hill or gorse-covered hill, Sword. Also the name of a Saint.
BranddunFrom the beacon hill
BrandeisDwells on a burned clearing
BrandelesA knight
BrandelisA knight
BrandenBeacon on the hill or gorse-covered hill.
BrandinBeacon on the hill or gorse-covered hill.
BrandubhBlack raven
BranduffBlack raven
BranhardBold raven

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