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Baby names starting with A - Page 5

Name Meaning Gender
AlansonSon of Allan
AlanzaReady for battle. Feminine of Alonzo.
AlanzoForm of Alphonse: see Alfonso.
AlaquaSweet gum tree
AlaricNoble leader
AlaricaAll ruler
AlariceRules all. Feminine of Alaric.
AlarickNoble leader
AlaricoRules all
AlarikNoble leader
AlasdairDefender of mankind. Variant of Alexander
AlastairDefender of man
AlastrinaFeminine form of Alastair avenger
AlastrineDefends mankind
AlastrionaFeminine form of Alastair avenger
AlawaPea (Algonquin)
AlayneBeautiful; Dear child.
AlbaA place name.
AlbaricBlond ruler
AlbernNoble warrior
AlbertIntelligent or noble
AlbertaNoble; bright. Feminine of Albert.
AlbertinaNoble; bright. Feminine of Albert.
AlbertineNoble; bright. Feminine of Albert.
AlbertoNoble; bright.
AlbertyneIntelligent, Noble
AlbinWhite. Alban and Albin are English surnames probably based on Spanish/Italian place name Alba.
AlbinusName of an abbot
AlbionWhite cliffs. Ancient poetic name for Britain.
AlbrechtIntelligent or noble
AlburnNoble warrior
AlburtNoble or bright
AlcottFrom the old cottage
AldOld or wise
AldaWise. Elder. Variant of Aldo.
AldanFrom the old manor
AldenWise friend or from the old manor
AldeneWise. Elder. Variant of Aldo.
AlderFrom the alder tree
AldfrithName of a king
AldhelmName of a bishop
AldisFrom the old house
Aldn'dWise or red haired man
AldoOld or wise
AldonaWise. Elder. Variant of Aldo.
AldousFrom the old house
AldredWise or red haired man
AldricWise ruler
AldrichOld or wise ruler
AldrickOld or wise ruler
AldrikWise ruler
Aldrinold and wise ruler.
AldtunFrom the old manor
AldusFrom the old house
AldwinWise friend
AldwineWise friend
AldwynOld or Friend
AldysFrom the old house
AlecDefender of mankind. Variant of Alexander
AleckDefender of mankind. Variant of Alexander
AledA river in Wales
AleeceOf the nobility.
AleenFair; good-looking. Feminine of Allen or variant of Helen.
AleenaFair; good-looking. Feminine of Allen or variant of Helen.
AleezaJoy. Joyful.
AlejandraDefender of mankind. Feminine of Alexander.
AlejandrinaDefender of man

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