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Baby boy names starting with A - Page 9

Name Meaning Gender
AvishaGift from God
AvishaiGift from God
AvitalFather of dew
AvnerFather of light
AvnielFather or strong
AvonacoLean bear (Cheyenne)
AvonmoreFrom the great river
AvrahamFather of a multitude
AvsalomFather of peace
AvshalomFather of peace
AwarnachA giant
AwnanLittle Adam
AxelSource of all Life; Father of peace
AxtonSwordsman's stone
AyawamatOne who follows orders (Hopi)
AyersHeir to a fortune.
AylwardNoble protector
AyrwodeFrom the fir forest
AzariaGod helps
AzariousGod helps
AzaryahGod helps
AzaryahuGod helps
AzrielGod helps

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