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Baby girl names starting with A - Page 9

Name Meaning Gender
AthrachtName of a saint
AtildaAt the elder tree
AtoniaStrong as an oak
AttheaeldreAt the elder tree
AttractaName of a saint
AubertaFeminine variant of Albert.
AubreeRules with elf-wisdom.
AubreyRules with elf-wisdom.
AubrianaRules with elf-wisdom.
AubrianneRules with elf-wisdom.
AubrieRules with elf-wisdom.
AubryRules with elf-wisdom.
AudaOld or wealthy
AudeOld or wealthy
AudeliaNobility; strength.
AudeneNobility; strength.
AudieNoble strength
AudraNoble strength
AudreNoble strength
AudreaNobility; strength.
AudreanaNobility; strength.
AudreannaNobility; strength.
AudreeNobility; strength.
AudreyNoble strength
AudriNobility; strength.
AudriaNobility; strength.
AudrianaNobility; strength.
AudriannaNobility; strength.
AudrieNobility; strength.
AudrielleNobility; strength.
AudrinaNobility; strength.
AudrisNobility; strength.
AugusteenFeminine form of Augustine great
AurearGentle music
AuriarGentle music
AurniaGolden lady
AuroraDay break
AuroreDawn. Aurora was the mythological Roman goddess of dawn. Aura was goddess of breezes.
AustenVariant of Augustine.
AustinaVariant of Augustine.
AustineVariant of Augustine.
AutumnBorn in the fall; The fall season.
AvaVariant of medieval given names Avis and Aveline
AvagailMy father rejoices. Biblical; the name of King David's third wife described as good in discretion and beautiful in form.
AvahVariant of medieval given names Avis and Aveline
AvaleeVariant of medieval given names Avis and Aveline
AvalonArthur's burial place
AvaronArthur's burial place
AvaronaArthur's burial place
AvelinaVariant of medieval given names Avis and Aveline
AvelineVariant of medieval given names Avis and Aveline
AvelynVariant of medieval given names Avis and Aveline
AverilOpening buds of spring; Born in April; Wild boar
AverillWild boar; Born in April
AverylBorn in April
AviaModern blend of Ava and Ana.
AvianaModern blend of Ava and Ana.
AvianceModern blend of Ava and Ana.
AviannaModern blend of Ava and Ana.
AvichayilGives joy
AvigailGives joy
AvigneGirl from Avignon
AvilonArthur's burial place
AvisRefuge in battle
AvivaInnocent; Springtime.
AviviInnocent; Springtime.

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