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When is the best time to set up the baby's nursery?

Since I never have large amounts of money at any given time, I am buying baby stuff a little at a time. I don't generally tell anybody about it, but whoever has heard feels I am planning way ahead. Also, I am discouraged from thinking of things that baby might need at two months or 3 months since it is a long way off.

My husband working away, and my parents being too weak, I won't be getting much help with childcare. I feel like during the last months of pregnancy, and during the first month postpartum, I won't have the energy or health to shop, clean up, put things together, move things around, etc. It is already pretty hard for me, and I am only 21 weeks.

I was wondering when it is considered appropriate to make all arrangements for the baby? I know it varies. But what would be the earliest that a sane person would start preparing? I will be using several hand-me-down things - pram, high chair, possibly a car seat. Stuff I will need to clean up, maybe fix a bit or get new covers. Will it seem ridiculous if I start doing things during the 6th month?

Sometimes I feel annoyed by how laid back my husband is... it's as though he thinks everything is going to happen by magic even if we don't do anything. I am alone in fretting and planning.

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I was sooo excited about my first child, that I was planning the nursery very early into my pregnancy. I remember painting and decorating it at about 7 months. Probably not very sensible to be painting on a stepladder. I just wanted it all done and perfect. I bought the cot after my 12-week scan and then gradually bought clothes and nursery bits. My son was born early so I was glad I was so organised!
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