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How do I get my son to stand when he wees?

My son is three and will not stand and pee. He will sit down and wee but if I ask him to stand he refuses. I've tried all the tricks, ping pong balls, treats, nothing works.

Should I let him sit on the toilet and see if he works it out himself or keep trying to encourage him to stand?

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My DS refused to sit to pee, we ended up purchasing the peter potty urinal. It is adjustable to their height. He loves it. It was actually really was helpful in potty training a boy to have him pee in a more natural position for him. You'll have to have his father show him how boys pee, considering we just don't have the right equipment! That was really helpful and my DS thought it was cool that he could do it just like daddy. Good luck!
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Hi there I have 3 & 6 year old grandsons the older one stands and has always wanted to, but the 3 year old, he changes his mind like the weather! Some days he stands... Other times he sits down! I have asked him why he is sitting, he just says " because I want to!" If I am honest some kids don't potty train easily so I would probably stop worrying about how he is using the toilet and be happy he actually is! Best wishes!
Just let him be if where he is comfortable. He is just a kid so that is just normal. I'm sure as time goes by he will eventually stand when peeing.
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