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How do I get my son to stand when he wees?

My son is three and will not stand and pee. He will sit down and wee but if I ask him to stand he refuses. I've tried all the tricks, ping pong balls, treats, nothing works.

Should I let him sit on the toilet and see if he works it out himself or keep trying to encourage him to stand?

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My DS refused to sit to pee, we ended up purchasing the peter potty urinal. It is adjustable to their height. He loves it. It was actually really was helpful in potty training a boy to have him pee in a more natural position for him. You'll have to have his father show him how boys pee, considering we just don't have the right equipment! That was really helpful and my DS thought it was cool that he could do it just like daddy. Good luck!
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Hi there I have 3 & 6 year old grandsons the older one stands and has always wanted to, but the 3 year old, he changes his mind like the weather! Some days he stands... Other times he sits down! I have asked him why he is sitting, he just says " because I want to!" If I am honest some kids don't potty train easily so I would probably stop worrying about how he is using the toilet and be happy he actually is! Best wishes!
Just let him be if where he is comfortable. He is just a kid so that is just normal. I'm sure as time goes by he will eventually stand when peeing.
Just show him how to handle himself its not always easy but mine did it very well while standing outside in time he understood thats how its done
If your son is three years old and cannot stand and urinate, you may need to consult his doctor to evaluate the situation. There may be medical reasons that affect his ability to stand and urinate properly. Be sure to explain this problem to the doctor and describe the symptoms accurately. There may be different possibilities including problems with the muscles, nerves, or urinary system. The doctor will be able to assess the condition and direct you to the necessary steps. Until medical advice, you can continue to encourage your son to use the toilet in ways that you consider appropriate and comfortable for him. You may try using positive stimulation such as rewards and praise when he tries to sit on the toilet or urinate. However, the main priority should be to get a medical evaluation to ensure there is not a health problem that needs attention.
To encourage your son to stand when he pees, you can try these steps:

1. Introduce the concept: Explain to your son that standing to pee is something that boys do as they grow up. Use simple language and make it a positive and exciting idea.

2. Demonstrate and guide: Show him how to stand and aim properly by demonstrating it yourself or asking another male figure he looks up to, like his father or an older sibling, to show him. Provide gentle guidance and encouragement as he tries it himself.

3. Make it fun: Turn it into a fun and engaging activity. Use targets, like floating objects in the toilet bowl, to make aiming more enjoyable. You can also use colorful stickers or rewards to motivate him.

4. Practice and patience: Understand that it may take time for your son to get used to standing while peeing. Be patient and supportive during the learning process. Celebrate small victories and provide reassurance if accidents happen.

Remember, every child is different, and some may take longer to transition to standing while peeing. The key is to create a positive and supportive environment while gradually encouraging this new skill.
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