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Tips for dealing with morning sickness?

Please help, I've just found out I'm pregnant and already have morning sickness. It's getting me really down, I can't eat anything just about sip ice cold water.

Does anyone have good tips for dealing with morning sickness?

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Lemons seemed to help some. Lemon scented oils, lemon flavored candy, lemons in my wifes water. Popsicles and smoothies were great. Starchy bland foods were my wifes main diet. She ate plain bagels every morning. Also lots of potatoes (mashed, baked, and fries), soups, and Nutrigrain bars.
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Lemon flavor worked well for me. Sugar made it worse. Somewhere along the line,I found out that having a positive attitude also helped to counter morning sickness. It is good for one to identify what works well for them in terms of food and drinks. Some smells may also make the morning awful.
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Ginger snaps worked for me, I would try and nibble on one before I got up out of bed. It just helps settle your stomach. Congratulations!
To help alleviate morning sickness, the recommended dose of vitamin B6 is 50 mg which can be obtained through an additional supplement. This is much higher than the amount recommended during a normal pregnancy, which is 1.9 mg/day.
Try to avoid spicy or fatty food ,drink lots of water and try to eat smaller meals also the Gym it's helps a lot
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