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How to keep baby cozy in the colder weather?

I have an 11 week old baby and just wanting to know the best way to dress and what blankets to use at night. I am currently swaddling her in a cotton infant wrap and putting 2 normal baby blankets on her and on the colder nights I''m using a polar fleece with 2 blankets.

My house is quite cold, should I use a heater in the room my baby is in? (she sleeps in my room)

How many layers do you put on baby? I have cotton sleepsuits and fleecy ones, which are best to use for sleeping?

I have a quilt cover that came with the crib set can I use them or are they for when bubs is a toddler? Or should I just use the receiving blankets I do have?

Had more to ask but bubs is screaming :)

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I have really cold house too and no heating available, so when it's really cold my wife and I put our baby girl into a baby sleeping bag, and if it's even colder we put her between us, the human body temperature can do the work, but usually the sleeping bag is good enough, we don't like putting her in a lot of clothes layers cause her skin is too sensitive; I think the sleeping bag is a good option it available online and not even that expensive.
Wear your baby! We’ve all been there. Carrying a baby is like wearing an external heater, so just imagine that it’s keeping them just as warm. Wearing your baby in a carrier is a great way to keep you both warm and to provide extra comfort and soothing in cold, uncomfortable weather. Just make sure their tiny appendages are covered up!
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