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Getting a 3 year old to go to bed AND stay in bed

My 3 year old boy has been having a difficult time staying in bed once I put him in bed. This has been going on for about a year and I can''t handle it much longer. My husband works nights so I am here alone with my 1 year old daughter sleeping in the next room.

I have tried everything; sticker charts, incentives, taking things away, stuffed animals, night lights, bribery, keeping a light on, music, "quiet time" before bed, saying goodnight to everything in the house, taking no nap, taking a nap at a different time, letting him stay up later, putting him to bed earlier, etc. We have a nighttime ritual that has been the same for a long time.

When I talk with him about his during other times of the day, he says that he isn''t tired and doesn''t want to go to bed. There is a significant negative change in his behavior when he does not go to sleep until 10 pm - and I''m about to lose my mind by then and cry myself to sleep for feeling like a failure and a bad mom.

My newest tactic is to not speak to him and just return him to bed over and over again. This usually results in screaming, yelling, and pounding on the walls and has been going on for three weeks now.

I am hoping that someone will have an idea of something I can try differently or let me know what I am doing wrong. I am about out of ideas. Thanks.

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Wow,it may be a sense of jealousy that his kid sister has taken his place in the warm arm of his precious mum who showed him love over time.I suggest you make the kid sister sleep first so you can give him full time,make it look as though you will sleep with him for the night.Also learn to give him some lulabby as he lay on the bed likewise you on the bed.
Often give him a bath close to when he is about sleeping.Avoid the use of caffeine related drink in the night,that may control his staying awake.
Also check the colour of either his bed sheet or the cover,children get in love with cool and mild colours.if you notice he is not in touch with any of the colours in the room,please change it for him.
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Also be promising to him,and ensure yo fulfill the promise.
Ensure you give your husband a call during the expected time of sleeping let him speak to him.Let him feel the warm presence of Daddy.
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I think he just need quality time with you dear since the is another baby it's not easy for him my advice for you is that you should try and let them sleep together on the same bed so that they can bond dear or you can also join them if that possible
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Well I think that you need to cool down and handle the situation with some patience without panicking. I think that if the child is unable to sleep at night for a longer or time then you need to take his extra care. I think that for some days you may try to sleep with him in the bed and tell him stories or something like that, even just chatting with him for some time. I think that the kid may be feeling a little neglected due to his younger sibling which is quiet natural. If you spend some time with him for some days then eventually he will get into a routine of sleeping at the time you decide during the night. The only key to quick results in your case is a lot of patience. I am sure you will very soon be able to overcome the problem very soon.
Handle your child with alot of care
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